Conditions of Study

  1. If the student arrives late for class by more than half an hour, the lesson will still be counted, and the teacher will leave after this time (half an hour). The student is not allowed to be absent more than once per month; otherwise, the missed classes will be counted.
  2. If a student withdraws from their studies after the program has commenced, we will not refund the fees for the level they have already started. However, we will refund the fees for any levels they have not yet studied.
  3. Students are required to pay for their studies at least three weeks before the start of the program and any examinations. The registration cost is $10 (non-refundable) plus the fee for the level.
  4. The student must send their fees through the payment methods chosen by the center.
  5. If the teacher arrives late for class by more than half an hour, the lesson for the student will not be counted. If this happens more than three times, the student can choose to withdraw from the program and receive a refund or continue with another teacher.
  6. Students are not allowed to engage in discussions with the teacher that are unrelated to the subjects they are studying.
  7. If a student who is not registered attends a class with a registered student, both will be removed from our program.
  8. The center reserves the right to modify these conditions with prior notification to the students.
  9. If there are changes in prices, the center will notify the students. Price adjustments will not apply to the levels they have already paid for but will affect future levels.
  10. If a student cancels a lesson at least 3 hours before its start using WhatsApp, we will not count that lesson. If they do not apologize in advance, the lesson will be counted.
  11. If a student has paid for multiple levels and we change our prices, they can choose to cancel or continue studying before the level starts. Once the level has commenced, changes cannot be made.
  12. If a student is delayed by less than half an hour for the lesson, the time will be counted from the beginning of the lesson, not when the student arrives.
  13. Any updates, such as changes in prices or holiday schedules, will be posted in our "News Center" on our website. It is the student's responsibility to stay informed by reading the updates.
  14. Students who rush through an examination for a level they have studied will not progress to the next level. Instead, they will need to return to the previous level.
  15. Any technical problems with a student's computer or equipment that cause a delay in the classroom will result in the lesson time being counted from when the lesson was scheduled to start. Students should ensure that they have everything ready before the lesson begins.

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