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Ibn Malek is where comprehensive online Islamic studies unfold. Become part of our student body led by proficient, seasoned, and highly qualified instructors dedicated to assisting you in achieving your goals at your convenience.

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We offer a range of Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies programs designed to fit your schedule.

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We delve into an extensive range of Islamic subjects, aiming to equip you with Arabic language proficiency sufficient to grasp fundamental Islamic knowledge.

Arabic Courses

Explore our diverse Arabic Courses for comprehensive language proficiency.

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Quran Courses

Discover our Quran Courses for in-depth understanding and mastery of the Holy Quran.

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Islamic Studies

Engage in our Islamic Studies section for comprehensive learning of Islamic disciplines and principles.

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Children's Courses

Explore our engaging Children's Courses tailored to nurture young minds in Islamic education.

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Customized Courses

Discover our Customized Courses tailored to meet your specific Islamic learning needs.

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Practical Experience

We specialize in educating students who are non-native Arabic speakers, and our entire student body consists of individuals from non-Arabic speaking backgrounds.


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Overcome your hectic schedule and pursue Arabic language and religious studies without hindrance. Ibn Malek offers flexible plans tailored to your requirements. Enroll in our diverse range of courses and become part of our student community.






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Arshad Khan

I studied Arabic online with Ibnmalek center for about three and half years. I had studied the three books of al arabiyya bayna yaadaik with my instructor and alhamdulillah today i can speak fluently and am currently pursuing an online degree in hadeeth from Al madinah international.

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At Ibn Malek, you can begin your journey from scratch. Our dedicated staff is highly trained to instruct non-native Arabic speakers. With over a decade of expertise, you can rely on Ibn Malek Online Center to guide you towards achieving your learning objectives.

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