About Ibn Malek

Teacher Information

We employ both male and female teachers skilled in Arabic, Islamic studies, and Quran teaching. Our selection process ensures stringent criteria and necessary resources for our teaching staff.

Teachers are required to hold accredited certificates in their subjects, validated through degree verification. Extensive experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers is a prerequisite, along with proficiency in diverse teaching methodologies for various age groups and nationalities.

Our recruitment involves rigorous stages to select the most suitable candidates for each program. Preferential consideration is given to Quran teachers with Ijazah in the Quran and Tajweed. Specifically, we employ female Quran teachers, predominantly from Egypt.

Teachers undergo training in our unique teaching methods, a condition for employment. Excellent English communication skills are a must, as our virtual classrooms simulate live interactions between students and teachers.

We equip our teachers to effectively engage with diverse nationalities, religions, proficiency levels, and cultures. They possess comprehensive knowledge of their subjects and demonstrate punctuality and flexibility in accommodating students' needs.

Our Core Teachers

Ibn Malek carefully selects highly qualified and experienced teachers to ensure an exceptional learning experience for you. Each student, whether male or female, is matched with a teacher of the same gender to create a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

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Our Courses

We delve into an extensive range of Islamic subjects, aiming to equip you with Arabic language proficiency sufficient to grasp fundamental Islamic knowledge.

Arabic Courses

Explore our diverse Arabic Courses for comprehensive language proficiency.

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Quran Courses

Discover our Quran Courses for in-depth understanding and mastery of the Holy Quran.

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Islamic Studies

Engage in our Islamic Studies section for comprehensive learning of Islamic disciplines and principles.

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Children's Courses

Explore our engaging Children's Courses tailored to nurture young minds in Islamic education.

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Customized Courses

Discover our Customized Courses tailored to meet your specific Islamic learning needs.

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