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We offer courses in tajweed (Qu’ran recitation) for adults and children as from 6 years. These courses are composed of several parts:

- Theory ** : Students learn the rules from tajweed, the makharij (placement of letters),
siffat al-huruf
(attributes of the letters)…

- Practicum : The professor listens to your recitation and corrects your pronunciation. You put into practice what you learned in progress theoretical (rules).

- Memorizing : You agree with yours professor to memorize a section of the Qur’an which you will recite for next lesson. Quran Course

Our Tajweed courses are offered for private sessions only. You are free to choose the number of hours per week.

The 11 Qur’an levels:

1- The first level (Introduction) is about improvement of (tajweed), how spoken characters /surat
( AL-Fatiha, AL Ikhlas, (sincerity), Al-Nas and Al-Falaq

2 - The second level( ahkaam anoon assakenh and attanween) with hefz juz’ ama

3-the third Level ( ahkaam anoon assakenh and almeem wa anoon  Almcddtin) with memorization of part 29 of the Qu’ran (juz’ al-tabarak) and review juz’ ama

4 - The fourth level (ahkaam almad )and memorization of part 28 of the Qur’an (hefz juz’ almogadalh) and review of all previous memorization.

5- The fifth level ( ahkaam allamat asswaqin and qlqla)and hefz juz’ azaryaat and review of the previous

6-The six level ( almkareg )and hefz juz’ alahqaaf and review 7 The seventh level ( assyfaat )and hefz juz’ ashura and review of the previous

8- The eighth level ( alwqf ,aleybtdaa,ahkam arraa )and hefz juz’ aafer and review of the previous

9- level Ninth (hefz tohfat al attfaal), arrum and Aleshmam introduction of emam Hafs and ‘Asem, difference  between  alqeraa ,alrywaya and alttareeq.- memorization of hefz juz’ yaseen and
review to all parts one memorized before

10- the  tenth level memorization of algazarya with its interpretation and juz’ fatter and review of previously memorizied material

11- the eleventh level study book ( ayat Almoreed fi elm attajweed) (hefz tohfat al attfaal)( hefz algazarya) for those for who memorize all Koraan, and who wish to prepare for certification in transmitting memorization by way of the (esnaad)

- The Qur’an course is general, not defined to a set number of hours.

- We define twelve levels to the Arabic language and 11 levels in the study of the Qu’ran.

- A study 2hour and a half Arab language of the individual and 3 hours of group.Quran Course

- Qur’an, 30 minutes for the individual and 2-hours for the group .

** Please note that the theory courses are given to the students with a minimum comprehension of the language, to be determined by the instructor.
Fees are defined per hour, the number of hours per week being determined at the time of application.

-Qur’an: privet :8$ group :4 group (3 student or more)

- Student who register in a group alone will be enrolled at the group in price until another student joins the group.