students'opinions about our center


(Assalamu alaikum My name is Arshad from US.I studied arabic online with Ibnmalek center for about three and half years. I had studied the three books of al arabiyya bayna yaadaik with my instructor and alhamdulillah today i can speak fluently and am currently pursuing an online degree in hadeeth from Al madinah international.My instructor was extremely patient and helpful. After the 2nd book itself, the student should be able to understand Arabic lectures and should have good communication skills. My advice to every student is to finish your curriculum with a single instructor and Ibnmalek is definitely a very good arabic language center that can help you achieve this goal.The instructor at Ibnmalek also conducted exams on a regular basis.Al hamdulillah today i can understand lot of the quran, read Arabic books and listen to Arabic lectures. This was the benefit of studying with IbnMalek center. May Allah subhanahu wa taala give make this journey easy for everyone.)


(As Salaam Alaikum I am Mohammed Nadeem born and brought up in the U.A.E but never got the chance to learn Arabic. Working in shifts it was difficult to find a teacher but Alhamdulillah after joining Ibnmalek Center my dream of learning pure Arabic came true. I have been studying for about more than 6 months and am able to converse in Arabic and write and read very fluently. My vocabulary has immensely increased. The best thing about my classes is that there is emphasis on revision and speaking in the Arabic language which gives student the confidence to converse. You can schedule classes conveniently as per your routine in the comfort of your house. I am grateful to Ibnmalek center for my achievement )


( My name is Afreen, I am an Indian with very little knowledge of Arabic language. I always wanted to learn the language of our prophet (PBUH), Ibnmalek arabic center has given me a chance. Insha Allah wants to be well versed in understanding Quranic Arabic. I am student of Ibnmalek arabic center since 4 months now. Alhamdulillah these Arabic classes have helped me to get started with speaking and understanding Arabic. I have learned a lot of Arabic vocabulary and basic of Arabic grammar and can make sentences on my own now with the help of ibnmalek arabic center which provides good teaching and teachers who are friendly, supportive and encouraging.)

ISMAEL (Seattle WA, USA)

(During the first year, Teacher IbnMalek analyzed my situation of reading and writing Arabic Language and he come up with detailed plan. After I become proficient reading and writing Arabic, he started teaching me the Quran and now I am in the third Juz. He always gave me extra time when I do not understand something. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for to learn the Quran.Thank you Teacher IbnMalek )


(For the past 2 years I have been learning from teacher IbnMalek. For the first half year he taught me how to read and write in Arabic. After I became proficient on that he taught me the first Jus of Quran and made sure I knew every Surah and every word in those Surahs. And now he is teaching me the second Jus of Quran and I am about to finish the Jus. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to learn the Quran because he spends time with you to give all the knowledge he knows about the Quran to you. Thank you Teacher IbnMalek)


(Teacher ibnmalek has been teaching me for 3 years And now he is teaching me the fourth Jus of Quran. One thing that I like about teacher ibnmalik is that if I make a mistake he will tell me what my mistake was and how to fix it. I would recommend him because he is patient and he will help you to get better at memorize Quran. Thank you Teacher Ibn-Malek )

Jana( USA, live in Saudi Arabia)

(My name is Jana , Iím from the US but I live in Saudi Arabia. Iím 12 years old and I started with IbnMalek 5 years ago. I only knew some of the Arabic alphabet when I first started with him. But now I could read arabic fluently. I really enjoy learning with IbnMalek because his class is relaxing,educational, and enjoyable. He is teaching me conversational arabic and arabic grammar. I would encourage other kids to learn with IbnMalek.)

Ferris( USA, live in Saudi Arabia)

(My name is Ferris, I am 9 years old. Iím from the US and I started learning with IbnMalek when I was in KG. I didnít know any Arabic when I first started. Now I can read and write fluently and the Ostath is teaching me conversion arabic.I like that he pushes me to learn more. Heís very nice and he makes me laugh. I recommend other Kids to learn Arabic with IbnMalek so they can understand the Quran and speak the language of the people of Jannah. )