Frequently Asked Questions about the Classroom

Are the male and female students mixed?
No. The men have a male teacher and women have a female teacher.

What about Married  Couples?
Married couples may be allowed to study together, but they must be at the same language level.

Can we make a group for ourselves?
No, the merkez would gather the students in a group according to the level. However,
students may be paired with their colleagues if determined to be at the same level.

If I chose the group class option and there were not enough students, would be the classes discontinued?
No, it would not even if you are alone in the classroom.

Is French or English used in the classroom?
No, Arabic is the language of instruction. It is the best method to improve quickly and efficiently

Do the classes on PALTALK?
No, they take place using software of the markez, which is a classroom with a board, audio, sound and whiteboard.

Should I speak in the microphone?
Yes this is a part of the lesson, integral to class participation, which contributes to the student’s linguistic development.
You may also speak outside of the course in an individual session.
Here the teacher proposes a topic and the student speaks about it. The teacher corrects the structures and / or helps to make sentences.

How do you know if a student has attended in place of another?
Certainly, we cannot. But this behavior is breaks our policies and truly does not benefit the seeker of knowledge.
If discovered, both students will be permanently expelled from our program and Allah Knows best.