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Conversation Courses

This course is designed for those whose aim is maximum retention of the language.
Conversation courses operate on a one-on-one basis with instructors and offer the most flexibility,
simulating real-life interaction.

Connect when you want and join a discussion in Arabic with our faculty.

The instructor will get to know you and evaluate your comprehension level based on your expression.
The professor will correct sentence structure and will brighten your speech. Our staffs work hard to
tailor the conversation to the student’s level. Conversation courses are encouraged as a supplement to all levels,
even for the introductory learner.
Conversation courses offer maximum flexibility, allowing students to practice their oral skills when they wish,
without long-term commitments. We anticipate that students who opt for the conversation option will progress rapidly
under the close supervision of the instructor.

Following evaluation the instructor may propose you a subject of conversation. Students may also design a conversational scenario
(At the market, making a new acquaintance, going to the doctor).


privte:10$ group :5 group (3 student or more)