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choose a program according to the following:

(University of Mekkah ) -
جامعة أم القرى

(University of Ryadh ) -
جامعة محمد بن سعود

(University of Medina )-
منهج المدينةالمنورة

“al-Kitab al-Asaasi” Textbook (Reading -
 Program) الكتاب الأساسى

  - Grammar Following the “Ajurumiyya” Text
ألفية ابن مالك
 -  Grammar Following the “Alfiyya” Text
النحو الواضح
    - Grammar Following the “Al-Wadih” naho  Series
العربية بين يديك
    -General Program “Bayna Yadayk

We also tailor courses to textbooks of your choosing, given instructor approval.

Each level takes approximately 70 hours to complete
  at a rate of 4 days per week


arabic :8$ group:4 group (3 student or more)

Arabic Course
Arabic Course

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