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Students enrolled in the group session stream will follow the Ibn Malek system.
It is a complete program based on the program of the large universities of Saudi Arabia.
The program uses the Ajurumiyya text of Ibn Ajurrum, the Alfiya of Ibn Malek and many reference grammar books.
An introduction to the balagha, is taught at the higher levels. Our program is composed of several active levels of
absolute beginners (training reading), to the advanced and superior levels.

Students wishing to study individually make also follow Ibn Malek stream

Ibn Malek Center Book Curriculum

- Levels of the Arabic language:

1-almokademh (introduction): the characters, movements (harakat) and (tanween) and tide,
and how to read and write and verbal expression

2-preliminary level: Some special topics on daily life ,dialogues and some of the rules and expression and dictation

3- First level: reading, grammar (nahw), dialogue and expression

- The second level: reading, grammar (nahw) and dialogue and expression.
From Level4 to level 12 students study books such as al-ajrommiyya and atthfa asSanya
and anther books on nahw until they learn the alfiyya(al-alfiyya of ibn malek) and students also study rhetoric
(such as speeches
of the Prophet and his companions), rhetoric, culture ,poetry ,Prose and (alarood),
how to compose poetry and they study books in morphology (sarf) such as (Shza alarf fy fan assarf) and another books,

- Students throughout the levels will always be required to use Arabic as the language of the classroom.

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