who is Ibn Malek?

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ibnmalek strives to educate non-native speakers to attain mastery in reading, writing, speaking, Arabic grammar, morphology, rhetoric, literature, and poetry with emphasis on understanding and application of all aspects of the Arabic Language About Us
Our teachers, all Egyptian, are graduates and trained in learning to non-Arabic speakers. Learning Arabic from English leads to several problems. . The best way to learn a language is to learn it directly, without using another language.
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who is Ibn Malek?About Us

The great scholar Ibn Malek was non-Arab, he was andalusian man, he was born in Spain (Andalusia) at 600 A.H he traveled to Damascus and decease in it AT 672 A.H
he studied Arabic and became famous scholar in the Arabic language sciences
(nahu, sarf,..) and qur'an sciences (tajweed , al-qira’at ,..)
we hope that our students aspire to be like him.Not impossible to become like him
that reason to choose Ibn Malek as Name of our center

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