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IbnMalek -
The New Wave in Online Arabic Language Learning -
an institute for apprenticeship of the Arabic language (literary), Holy Qur’an (recitation rules),
Conversation Course and Text correction / written or Expression online. About Us
Featuring programs for adults, young adults and children. . Speaking, Reading Writing, Listening, Learning The alphabet
You wish to do business in Arabic-speaking countries?
 Do you seek to obtain residence to the Arabic-speaking world?

Whatever the reasons of your coming in its, you will have need to learn Arabic Language
in order to be able to achieve these goals. We can tailor courses to your business or civic needs
(commerce, apartment, purchase, sale, and housing.

Why we choose Ibn Malek as our Name?About Us

The great scholar Ibn Malek was Arabian he was andalusian he is born in Spain (Andalusia) on 598 hegira. 
He was a non-Arab he travel to Damascus and decease in it on 672 hegira.
he studied Arabic and became famous in the Arabic language sciences (nahu, sarf,................)
koraan sciences(tajweed , al-qira’at ,..............) and we hope that our students aspire to be like to.
Not impossible to become like him