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ibnmalek_learning Ibnmalek is an online institute to learn Arabic and the Holy Qur'an -
Arabic Language Courses for All Ages. Featuring programs for adults (men, women) and children .

if you want to understand Qur'an, if you want to become strong person of knowledge in Islamic studies, if You wish to do business in Arabic-speaking countries, if you Interested in Arabic poetry and prose , if you want to obtain admittance into major universities, to teach Arabic as a second language, if you wish to obtain employment in any one of the Arabic-speaking countries. . Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because you will have need to learn Arabic Language in order to be able to achieve these goals.

student opinion
(Assalamu alaikum My name is Arshad from US.I studied arabic online with Ibnmalek center for about three and half years. I had studied the three books of al arabiyya bayna yaadaik with my instructor and alhamdulillah today i can speak fluently and am currently pursuing an online degree in hadeeth from Al madinah international.My instructor was extremely patient and helpful. After the 2nd book itself, the student should be able to understand Arabic lectures and should have good communication skills. My advice to every student is to finish your curriculum with a single instructor and Ibnmalek is definitely a very good arabic language center that can help you achieve this goal.The instructor at Ibnmalek also conducted exams on a regular basis.Al hamdulillah today i can understand lot of the quran, read Arabic books and listen to Arabic lectures. This was the benefit of studying with IbnMalek center. May Allah subhanahu wa taala give make this journey easy for everyone.)

Learn Arabic from the experts at ibnmalek from anywhere in the world. All what you need to learn Arabic in one place. We are interested in speaking from the first level because reading, writing and grammar are not useful without speak arabic.

If Egypt is undoubtedly one of the best countries to learn Arabic and the science of Tajweed (rules of recitation of the Holy Quran), not everyone can go there. ibnmalek comes directly to you.A PC and a microphone are enough.

ibnmalek_learning student opinion ISMAEL (Seattle WA, USA) (During the first year, Teacher IbnMalek analyzed my situation of reading and writing Arabic Language and he come up with detailed plan. After I become proficient reading and writing Arabic, he started teaching me the Quran and now I am in the third Juz. He always gave me extra time when I do not understand something. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for to learn the Quran.Thank you Teacher IbnMalek ). you can see more student'opinions at News

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